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Full Circle Coupons and the Pan Mass Challenge

The Pan Mass Challenge

The Pan Mass Challenge

Saturday morning August 6th, I will begin my first Pan-Mass Challenge 
to benefit the Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 
While I pedal 192 miles over two days, I will be fueled by the memory 
of my father. When I was growing up, my dad went through treatment at 
Dana-Farber for lung cancer. Throughout his treatment, he remained 
positive and strong. My dad lost his fight to cancer on June 21, 1991. 
Twenty years have passed, and I still think of him every day. I can’t think 
of a better way to honor my dad’s memory than to ride the PMC.
Thank you for your support!
To support Marcus in his ride please visit his profile page at Full Circle Coupons.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Have You Heard About Full Circle Coupons?

Full Circle Coupons is a New Hampshire-based business, family owned and family run. We've got kids in local schools where budgets are tight, know first-hand the struggles families are in, and have heard the troubles non-profits and other organizations have had in making ends meet. It's a tough time out there for everyone and there's no quick fix. Truth is, we're a family just like you, run a business just like yours or the one in which you work, and we live in a community just like yours (maybe even the same one). We're working to run a successful business while helping everyone in our community -- neighbors, friends, businesses, schools, causes and organizations -- a goal that makes it much easier to come to work every day.

Launched over the summer of 2010, the Full Circle website will go live in January 2011 and first serve the New Hampshire Seacoast with the hopes of expanding across the Granite State. 
Full Circle Coupons is dedicated to building stronger communities through local commerce. We believe in the power of local shopping and use our state-of-the-art website to bring the buyers, sellers, and fundraisers in our community together to support each other. It is our goal not only to play and intermediary role but to immerse ourselves in the communities we serve and strive to create a positive experience through our website and our personal interactions with everyone who joins our Full Circle Community.     
Have you heard?  Full Circle Coupons is nearing $12,000.00 in coupons for the Seacoast area!  How easy will it be for fundraisers to sell memberships to our site for a mere $25.00 when their supporters will MAKE money with their subscription?  
Please feel free to contact me, Lauren, at to either sign up as a merchant on our site or become one of our fundraisers!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Full Circle Coupons Fundraiser for Local Crash Survivor Launches

Fundraiser for Local Crash Survivor Launches

A local man is working to recover from injuries sustained in a head-on car crash in December while his family works to raise funds to pay for his escalating medical bills. Many friends and family members have donated money directly to Nathaniel Bibaud’s family, but starting this week, Full Circle Coupons is giving Seacoast residents the opportunity to help this Sanborn Regional High School graduate while saving money at the local retailers they use every day.
The Nathaniel Bibaud Recovery Fund is launching a fundraiser with Full Circle Coupons, a website that features discounts to locally-owned businesses on the Seacoast. When someone buys a year-long membership for $25, $12 of it goes directly to Nathaniel’s recovery fund.
“We’ve been overwhelmed with the love and support we’ve received from so many people in the community,” said Nathaniel’s mother, Deidre McCarty, “but this is just the beginning of his journey.”
Bibaud, who was working as a graphic designer in St. Croix when he suffered a broken vertebrae and dislocated spine in the December car crash, had emergency spinal surgery and though he has made tremendous progress in a short two months at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, he is currently at a quadriplegic functioning level.
“He has regained limited use of his arms, and is doing far better than the doctors originally predicted. He is in good spirits, especially with all the outpouring of love he’s received,” his mother said.
 Shortly before the crash, Nathaniel was released from his father’s health insurance plan, making his already challenging recovery financially difficult as well. Nathaniel’s father, Richard, a resident of Newton, is working to revamp his two-car garage into an apartment Nathaniel can transition into after his rehabilitation is complete.
“We’re so happy to play a role in aiding Nathaniel’s recovery,” Brett Bogart, Full Circle Coupons’ founder said. “It’s a perfect example of why our business operates through fundraising organizations – because we wanted a business that would sustain our family, help the local economy, and do great things in the community. We don’t have the money to donate to every worthwhile organization, but we can help tremendously through Full Circle.”
As of this week, Full Circle Coupons members receive access to over $12,000 in discounts from 162 locally-owned Seacoast merchants, and those numbers will continue to grow throughout the year. Members pay $25 for a year’s access to the website, whose mission includes creating a full circle of benefits for New Hampshire communities and the residents who inhabit them.
To become a member and support the Nathaniel Bibaud Recovery Fund or any of the other charitable and non-profit organizations fundraising through Full Circle Coupons, visit

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Full Circle Coupons Gets Ready to Launch the Nathaniel Bibaud Recovery Fund Fundraiser

Full Circle Coupons looks forward to helping the Nathaniel Bibaud Recovery Fund raise more money! Simply log in, purchase your membership giving you access to thousands of dollars of coupons from local businesses in the Seacoast NH area. Half of that membership fee will be donated back to Nathaniel's cause. Find just one or two coupons that you can use and you've paid off your membership and still continue to save for a full year on this ever growing site!  If you renew your membership, the residuals will also help Nate!

In December, you may have seen news of a former Amesbury native, Nathaniel Bibaud, who was seriously injured in a head on collision on the island of St. Croix. After being med-flighted to Mass General Hospital in Boston, he was diagnosed with a broken vertebra and a dislocated spine, and underwent emergency spinal surgery. With enormous support and love from family and friends, Nathaniel has overcome many obstacles that were once said to be unattainable. His next step is at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where he is continuing this challenging recovery with courage. Nathaniel turned 26 recently and went off his father’s health insurance. During December, the Nathaniel Bibaud Recovery Fund was established at the Provident Bank in Amesbury, where many donations have been pouring in to help with the escalating medical bills.

The first recovery fundraiser event was held at Murphy’s Riverside in downtown Amesbury on Thursday, January 20. A tribute to Murphy’s owners, Glenda Gotcsik, Richard Gehrlein, and in particular, to Rachel Jones, Sarah Goodridge, Sarah Burke, and Ali Ross, who organized the worked the event. Other staff members, Caitie Johnson, Kristin Ward, Bonnie Griffin and Jack Greene did not know Nathaniel, but volunteered their time and tips and wanted to help make a difference. The crowd at Murphy’s was shoulder-to-shoulder, packed for the cause. The biggest surprise was when Nathaniel arrived from Boston’s Spaulding Rehabilitation for a few hours. The cheers could be heard all the way down Main Street! The event was widely advertised thanks to Funny Bones, of Salisbury, who donated a custom made banner. Dawn Kingston of 439 Photography, volunteered to photograph the event, and Ben Sargent and Chris Clifford entertained the crowd with their live music.

Hundreds of raffle tickets were sold, as well as T-shirts, designed by Ali Ross, with Nathaniel’s picture and tag line of his local hockey team the Cheefs ‘Heal to the Cheef.’ Ali is collecting orders for the Ts to benefit his recovery fund. The silent auction table was busy, thanks to help from Ali, Michael Jones and Jake Goodridge, offering hundreds of donated services, products, and gift cards of restaurants, including autographed sports prints, jewelry, custom fishing rod, a GPS, food gift baskets, tickets to Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics games to name a few. All mentions of donations, people and organizations to thank were posted by Nathaniel’s mother, Deidre McCarty on facebook. Everything was greatly appreciated!

Murphy’s Riverside donated a portion of food and beverage sales from the evening to Nathaniel’s fund, and 100% of the staff’s tips were donated as well. Together with the proceeds of the raffle, auction, the event brought in over $20,000 for Nathaniel’s recovery fund.

During the fundraiser, RE/MAX On the River made its’ first donation of $5,000 to aid Nathanial in his recovery. This RE/MAX On the River Charitable Fund was established in January of 2010 to make a difference for those individuals and charitable organizations locally. Each RE/MAX On the River agent pledged a certain percentage from each real estate sale to fund this charitable endeavor. Agents Craig Holt along with Ann Olmstead and Jay LeClerc presented the donation to the family.

A wonderful evening! A true way of giving from family and friends, who are proud of Nathaniel’s courage for the road ahead.

Photo credits, Dawn Kingston of 439 Photography. To see more photos of this meaningful event, see the facebook page ‘Nathaniel Bibaud Recovery Fundraiser’

Note – parts of this article were submitted by Karen Holt, who works with Nathanel’s mother, Deidre McCarty, at  John Farley Clothiers in Newburyport.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Circle Coupons Helps Raise Funds For Lucky's Legacy

Lucky’s Legacy (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Epping, NH) has been created by a group of dedicated volunteers, with over 25 years combined rescue experience. Dedicated to saving the horses whose lives were hanging in the balance from the Equine Protection of North America closure, Lucky’s Legacy will continue to work towards preventing cruelty to horses - in honor of Lucky.

Hi Everyone - 

I would like to offer you this opportunity to save thousands of dollars while helping Lucky's Legacy raise much-needed funds to continue helping and rescuing abused and neglected horses. We rely on the generous and heartfelt support from our volunteers, sponsors, and donors to provide care and comfort to our horses until they can be adopted out to loving families.  

Today, we hope you'll show your support and purchase a membership with Full Circle Coupons, a local website with over $7,000 in discounts to locally-owned businesses in our area. For every membership we sell, we will receive $12 and be on our way to rescuing more horses like our own Amazing Grace, known as "Gracie," one of our newest arrivals with a sad story.

This little mare was run through the Camelot Horse Auction in New Jersey on 6/2/10. She was ridden through the auction at a nice walk/trot. No one could have guessed that there was anything wrong with her. She was not purchased at the Wednesday night public auction and was sold to the #10 pen and was headed for slaughter Sunday at 12:00. A kind woman bailed her from the kill-pen, got her home, and after a day realized that something wasn't right. The vet came out and determined that she had limited vision at best. The woman who purchased her had intended to use her as a lesson horse, but since it wasn't the best match, she planned on returning her to the auction. Lucky's Legacy saw this and stepped in to bring this little girl to NH. To continue to rescue horses like Gracie we need your help!

We are selling memberships to Full Circle Coupons. Full Circle's website is full of valuable coupons to businesses you use on a daily basis:  salons, mechanics, your local coffee shop, the great bowling alley your kids love, and the new restaurant in town you've been dying to try.

And the best part is that Full Circle adds coupons year-round so that if you purchase your membership today, the number of coupons will grow tomorrow, next week, and next month.

We really need your help! The website features local merchants who live and work in your community. When you use Full Circle Coupons, you spend (and save) money in your community, which creates a full circle of economic impact.

To register, click here and our fundraiser’s information will be entered automatically. We’ll see when you register so we can keep track of our progress!

We’re working hard to raise as much money as possible so please forward this email to everyone you know.  You can post this link on Facebook, or share it through other social media sites. Our goal is to literally reach thousands of people, and you can help us do that while saving yourself, your friends, and your family money!

Thanks for your support,

Laura Ladd
Lucky's Legacy