Monday, February 28, 2011

Have You Heard About Full Circle Coupons?

Full Circle Coupons is a New Hampshire-based business, family owned and family run. We've got kids in local schools where budgets are tight, know first-hand the struggles families are in, and have heard the troubles non-profits and other organizations have had in making ends meet. It's a tough time out there for everyone and there's no quick fix. Truth is, we're a family just like you, run a business just like yours or the one in which you work, and we live in a community just like yours (maybe even the same one). We're working to run a successful business while helping everyone in our community -- neighbors, friends, businesses, schools, causes and organizations -- a goal that makes it much easier to come to work every day.

Launched over the summer of 2010, the Full Circle website will go live in January 2011 and first serve the New Hampshire Seacoast with the hopes of expanding across the Granite State. 
Full Circle Coupons is dedicated to building stronger communities through local commerce. We believe in the power of local shopping and use our state-of-the-art website to bring the buyers, sellers, and fundraisers in our community together to support each other. It is our goal not only to play and intermediary role but to immerse ourselves in the communities we serve and strive to create a positive experience through our website and our personal interactions with everyone who joins our Full Circle Community.     
Have you heard?  Full Circle Coupons is nearing $12,000.00 in coupons for the Seacoast area!  How easy will it be for fundraisers to sell memberships to our site for a mere $25.00 when their supporters will MAKE money with their subscription?  
Please feel free to contact me, Lauren, at to either sign up as a merchant on our site or become one of our fundraisers!

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