Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Circle Coupons Helps Raise Funds For Lucky's Legacy

Lucky’s Legacy (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Epping, NH) has been created by a group of dedicated volunteers, with over 25 years combined rescue experience. Dedicated to saving the horses whose lives were hanging in the balance from the Equine Protection of North America closure, Lucky’s Legacy will continue to work towards preventing cruelty to horses - in honor of Lucky.

Hi Everyone - 

I would like to offer you this opportunity to save thousands of dollars while helping Lucky's Legacy raise much-needed funds to continue helping and rescuing abused and neglected horses. We rely on the generous and heartfelt support from our volunteers, sponsors, and donors to provide care and comfort to our horses until they can be adopted out to loving families.  

Today, we hope you'll show your support and purchase a membership with Full Circle Coupons, a local website with over $7,000 in discounts to locally-owned businesses in our area. For every membership we sell, we will receive $12 and be on our way to rescuing more horses like our own Amazing Grace, known as "Gracie," one of our newest arrivals with a sad story.

This little mare was run through the Camelot Horse Auction in New Jersey on 6/2/10. She was ridden through the auction at a nice walk/trot. No one could have guessed that there was anything wrong with her. She was not purchased at the Wednesday night public auction and was sold to the #10 pen and was headed for slaughter Sunday at 12:00. A kind woman bailed her from the kill-pen, got her home, and after a day realized that something wasn't right. The vet came out and determined that she had limited vision at best. The woman who purchased her had intended to use her as a lesson horse, but since it wasn't the best match, she planned on returning her to the auction. Lucky's Legacy saw this and stepped in to bring this little girl to NH. To continue to rescue horses like Gracie we need your help!

We are selling memberships to Full Circle Coupons. Full Circle's website is full of valuable coupons to businesses you use on a daily basis:  salons, mechanics, your local coffee shop, the great bowling alley your kids love, and the new restaurant in town you've been dying to try.

And the best part is that Full Circle adds coupons year-round so that if you purchase your membership today, the number of coupons will grow tomorrow, next week, and next month.

We really need your help! The website features local merchants who live and work in your community. When you use Full Circle Coupons, you spend (and save) money in your community, which creates a full circle of economic impact.

To register, click here and our fundraiser’s information will be entered automatically. We’ll see when you register so we can keep track of our progress!

We’re working hard to raise as much money as possible so please forward this email to everyone you know.  You can post this link on Facebook, or share it through other social media sites. Our goal is to literally reach thousands of people, and you can help us do that while saving yourself, your friends, and your family money!

Thanks for your support,

Laura Ladd
Lucky's Legacy

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