Friday, December 10, 2010

Full Circle Coupons - Fundraisers

FCC - Easy as 1-2-3

We've got a dream -- a dream in which your fundraising group, whether it benefit your local school or a national cause, can easily and successfully raise much-needed funding in your local community. The best part, or okay, one of the best parts, is that you can raise these funds with not much more than a few clicks of a mouse. Reaching out through your group's social media contacts, you can have the information about your fundraiser out to thousands of people in a mere 10 minutes! The other best part? You're selling something people actually need and will probably use on a daily basis while doing their part to stimulate the local economy -- now that's a win-win!
Questions? Email Lauren, our Fundraising Specialist, or click on the Register as a Fundraiser tab to the right to, well, register as a fundraiser.
The Short Version: Why Choose FCC?
  • Receive funds from memberships and renewals throughout the year
  • Designated fundraising specialists assists you start to finish
  • All materials are provided & easily downloaded from our site
  • Online access to your personalized page & Fundraiser Toolbox to track your progress
  • Door-to-door is no longer your only option
  • New merchants and discounts added continually
  • Help your friends, family & neighbors save money
  • Support your local shops and businesses
  • Fundraisers are easily customized with specific merchants & incentive prizes for each participant

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