Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Full Circle Coupons - Bringing Fundraising Into the 21st Century

We are excited to be launching Full Circle Coupons.  Our website is almost done and we will soon start sharing the link! 

Fundraising in the 21st Century!

The sale of coupon books is not new to fundraising, but raising money selling coupon memberships through on line social network sites, cell phones, and emails is!  No more cumbersome books to carry, no more money to handle - our state of the art website does all the work for you!  The website not only safely handles the proceeds for memberships purchased but disperses your funds back to you as well.  You will soon be able to log on and check the status of your fundraiser’s progress. The site is loaded with helpful information, downloads and directions for you to use.  Give your fundraisers something to sell that they can be excited about. 

Remember - if you want to be successful in the future, you need to be aware of what the younger generation is doing!

Check out some of the benefits to using -

Fundraising has never been so easy!

·        Residuals
·        Incentives both kids and parents will enjoy.
·        Designated fundraising specialist to assist you.
·        On line access to watch your progress.
·        Use your social networks to reach more people.
·        Help your friends, family and neighbors save money.
·        Support your local merchants.
·        Continuous value added to our site.
·        Customize your fundraiser by suggesting merchants.

So stay tuned - we're hitting the World Wide Web soon!  If you would like to contact one of our fundraising specialists simply email

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